Accounting Group

The Accounting Group at Bayes Business School is one of the leading research groups in accounting in Europe.

Aeronautics and Aerospace Research Centre (A²RC)

This Centre undertakes activities in the traditional areas of aeronautics and flow control, as well as emerging disciplines.

Artificial Intelligence Research Centre (CitAI)

The Centre, CitAI specialises in AI techniques, explainable AI and Artificial General Intelligence.

Autism Research Group

This group focuses mainly on aspects of learning and memory in autism spectrum disorder (ASD) with additional research into early stages of visual perception, face processing and psychophysiology.

Behavioural Economics Research Group

This group focuses on auction experiments, models of bounded rationality and behavioural game and decision theory.

Business Models and Technology

While technological advances provide opportunities to innovate and develop successful businesses, it is the managers’ business model choices that are critical to realise such potential.

Centre for Applied Vision Research

This Centre undertakes cutting-edge research on the detection, diagnosis and management of vision disorders.

Centre for Asset Management Research

The Centre is a forum for the discussion of the challenges facing the asset management industry.

Centre for Banking Research

The Centre promotes topical and high calibre academic research in banking.

Centre for Charitable Giving and Philanthropy

Aims, structure, funders and partners of the Centre for Charitable Giving and Philanthropy.

Centre for Charity Effectiveness

The Centre for Charity Effectiveness at Bayes Business School (Bayes CCE) is a leading nonprofit and philanthropy centre in the UK.

Centre for Child and Family Law Reform

This Centre has a group of expert academics, judges and legal practitioners that examine recent developments in family law and suggest proposals for reform.

Centre for Competition and Regulatory Policy

This Centre aims to develop and disseminate research that can improve the functioning of regulated and non-regulated markets.

Centre for Creativity in Professional Practice

The Centre researches and educates about new forms of leadership, to build a new generation of creative leaders with extraordinary capabilities.

Centre for Crime and Justice Research

This Centre aims to promote and advance national and comparative research and scholarship across a wide range of areas.

Centre for Culture and the Creative Industries

This Centre undertakes world-leading research into many aspects of the international creative economy and regularly advises organisations on matters of cultural policy.

Centre for Econometric Analysis

The Centre promotes and supports research activities in the fields of; Econometrics; Financial econometrics; Machine Learning; and Quantitative methods used in finance, and theoretical and empirical research in financial markets and corporate finance.

Centre for Financial Analysis and Reporting Research

The Centre works in collaboration with practitioners to develop cutting-edge research, tailored consulting and specialised training in the areas of corporate communication, corporate disclosure, audit, financial reporting, security valuation, and financial intermediation.

Centre for Food Policy

This Centre researches and educates on how policy-making processes work and how they reflect and shape the nature of food supply and consumption.

Centre for Health Services Research

This Centre is an interdisciplinary field of scientific inquiry examining how to deliver the best health and social care.

Centre for Healthcare Innovation Research

This Centre is an interdisciplinary Centre which brings together researchers from different disciplines across Cass Business School and the School of Health and Psychological Sciences.

Centre for Human-Computer Interaction Design

This Centre focuses on the relationship between people and innovative technology, with the aim of creating more useful and usable systems.

Centre for Information Science

This Centre carries out research on all aspects of the communication chain of recorded information and documentation.

Centre for Innovation and Disruption

The Centre serves as a dynamic and intellectual hub for disruptors and members of the community interested in innovation in both start-ups, corporate and public sector domains.

Centre for International Policy Studies

The aim of this centre is to share and develop techniques for informing decision-makers outside academia.

Centre for Language and Communication Science Research

This Centre carries out research into speech, language and communication, social and clinical linguistics, deafness and developmental disorders.

Centre for Language Studies

This Centre provide a wide range of language courses across the university, for credit and as an extracurricular activity.

Centre for Law and Social Change

This centre seeks to be a hub for connections on the topic of law and social change between scholars, practitioners, and policy makers and students alike.

Centre for Maternal and Child Health Research

This Centre carries out high quality research that aims to improve the health and care of women, children, families and communities.

Centre for Mathematical Neuroscience and Psychology

This Centre aims to foster and increase the visibility of existing research on the computational principles underlying cognition and brain function.

Centre for Memory and Law

This Centre forms an international, interdisciplinary collaboration between academics and professionals who share a common interest in understanding the role of memory and how it serves as evidence.

Centre for Mental Health Research

This Centre aims to improve the delivery and experience of mental health care across a range of service settings and contexts.

Centre for Modern History

This Centre involves innovative historical research that brings together historians, scholars of politics and experts from across the university and the public sphere.

Centre for Professional Service Firms

The Centre is dedicated to researching the professions, professional service firms, and the professionals who work within them.

Centre for Psychological Wellbeing and Neuroscience

This Centre draws together the expertise of a number of researchers and will benefit from its close partnership with City's local branch of Mind (the mental health charity).

Centre for Software Reliability

The activities of this centre mainly concern the assessment and assurance of the dependability of socio-technical systems.

Centre for the Study of Legal Professional Practice

This Centre aims to promote the use of high quality academic work to support development and standards in legal professional practice and training.

Centre of Excellence in Temporary Works and Construction Method Engineering

The Centre of Excellence aims to provide opportunities in Temporary Works and Construction Method Engineering.

City Data Science Institute (CityDSI)

Multidisciplinary research on the theory and application of data science in the fields of healthcare, finance, energy, transport and the creative industries.

City Health Economics Centre

This Centre aims to develop and apply new quantitative research methods to inform policies in health and health care.

City Political Economy Research Centre

This Centre brings together world-leading expertise from academia, public policy, the financial sector and civil society.

Cognitive Neuroscience Research Unit

This unit benefits from the EEG lab. EEG enables the measuring of electrical brain activity occurring during all kinds of cognitive processes.

Counselling and Health Psychology Research Group

This group has an extensive range of research expertise in counselling and is particularly focused on making sure its research has impact.

Decision-making and Behavioural Economics Research Group

This group focuses on the decisions that individuals make in various situations that are sometimes not consistent with standard models of rationality and the outcomes of these decisions.

Digital Leadership Research Centre

The Centre investigates the strategic and organisational implications of digital transformation processes that are changing the way in which firms create, deliver and capture value’ and aims to develop strategies for successful digital transformation.

Economics of Migration Research Group

This group covers research across a wide range of topics in the Economics of Migration.

Emerging Markets Group

The Group exists to perform thought-leading research into Foreign Exchange and Financial Markets, with emphasis on emerging markets.

ETHOS: The Centre for Responsible Enterprise

At ETHOS we seek to address a widespread and systematic failure among our major institutions worldwide. Our research suggests that three main problems - spanning across nations, markets, institutions, and organisations - underlie the endemic failure of current institutions: We think three important characteristics of a shared ethos are responsibility, sustainability and good governance.

European Social Survey HQ

Every two years 40,000 people are interviewed face-to-face across Europe and surveyed on their public attitudes, beliefs and behaviour on various subjects.

Financial Economics Research Group

This group's research covers a range of areas in Financial Economics.


This Centre specialises in developing and applying new techniques for visualising data.

Human Memory Research Group

This Centre aims to provide an interdisciplinary approach to the study of memory and the implications for adults and children when recalling information in the courtroom.

Institute for Cyber Security

This institute aims to promote an environment where the general public, private industry and government address cybersecurity issues specific to the megacity's digital infrastructures.

Institute for the Study of European Laws

This institute brings together a wide range of scholars and practitioners working in this ever-changing field.

Intellectual Property Engagement Group

This group hosts national and international research funding, organises events and hosts scholars.

International Law and Affairs Group

This group seeks to combine insights from both international Law and international relations scholarships.

Jean Monnet Chair in European Law

This Centre houses a team of internationally renowned scholars within the area of EU law.

Jean Monnet Chair in Law and Transatlantic Relations

This group aims to study and critically reflect upon the largest case study of global governance in the international legal order: the transatlantic alliance.

Jeremy Tunstall Global Media Research Centre

This Centre covers across a wide range from global media industries and value chains to communication and advocacy.

Learning Enhancement and Development Educational Research Centre

This Centre is a space for staff to be engaged in pedagogic research.

London Space Innovation Centre

This institute is a hub for coordinating and promoting multidisciplinary research, education and enterprise projects in space-related fields.

London Universities Maritime Law and Policy Research Group

This group discuss, disseminates and develops research in Maritime Law and Policy.

Macroeconomics Research Group

This group focuses on research in monetary and fiscal policy, foreign direct investment, public debt, economic growth and exchange rates.

Mergers and Acquisitions Research Centre

The Centre is focused on both the research and practice of M&A. With its proximity to the City of London, it is perfectly placed to maintain close contacts with M&A bankers, lawyers, consultants, accountants, journalists and other key players.

Minorities and Rights Research Group

This group aims to provide a forum for specialised debates on minority groups and other vulnerable persons.

Organisational Psychology Research Group

The group is focussing on producing high impact research that is rated as internationally excellent or world leading.

Pensions Institute

The Centre is focused entirely on pensions research. Our purpose is to serve as an essential forum for pensions data and research, with particular emphasis on the UK system, while promoting our work and activities.

Real Estate Research Centre

The Centre aims to provide a dynamic link between the academic community and practitioners involved in real estate, and build on the foundations of existing rigorous academic research.

Research Centre for Adaptive Computing Systems and Machine Learning

This Centre conducts research on engineering adaptive cyber physical systems for preserving quality and security properties in this process.

Research Centre for Biomedical Engineering

This Centre aims to pursue research that applies the principles of physics and engineering to the complex medical devices used in the diagnosis and treatment of the sick and injured.

Research Centre for Photonics and Instrumentation

This Centre is engaged in a breadth of research activity, covering the areas of sensing, photonics and telecommunications and drawing strength from synergies across these areas.

Research Centre for Sustainable and Resilient Civil Engineering

Experts in structure, geotechnics and hydrodynamics, dedicated to enhancing the resilience and sustainability of infrastructures and civil engineering systems.

Research Centre in Mathematics

The Research Centre in Mathematics is comprised of three research groups: the Applied Mathematics Group, the Mathematical Physics Group and the Representation Theory Group.

Social Movements and Civil Society Research Group

This Centre aims to offer a forum for ongoing dialogue and debate amongst scholars who are engaged in studies of domestic and transnational activism, economic and social justice and civil society.

Sound Practice and Research at City

Sound Practice and Research at City investigates the boundaries between improvisation, performance, sound art and composition.

Systems, Autonomy and Control Research Centre (SAC)

This Centre aims to extend the systems and control approaches to challenging problems in the design, operations and management of industrial processes.

The ASsuRED Project

The aim of this project is to develop and test a new intervention for people who present in Emergency Departments who have harmed themselves or have thoughts of ending their life.

The Centre for City Criminology

This Centre examines the big ideas that underpin crime and criminal justice in contemporary society.

The Centre for Research on Work and Society

This Centre brings together social scientists interested in the study of work from various departments and schools at City.

The Costas Grammenos Centre for Shipping, Trade and Finance

The Centre pioneers postgraduates in Shipping, Energy, Trade and Finance, offering the first specialist MSc degrees in these disciplines.

The Critical Corporation Project

The aim of this project is to bring together the expertise and insights of scholars across a wide range of areas.

The Digital Trade Research Group

This group explores some of the pressing legal and commercial issues facing enterprises engaged in e-commerce.

The Gender and Sexualities Research Centre

This Centre analyses how gender and sexuality and other identities intersect in a rapidly changing world.

Thermo-Fluids Research Centre (TFRC)

This Centre is committed to interdisciplinary research methods needed for understanding the intrinsic physical phenomena in thermo- and fluid flow processes.

Violence and Society Centre

This Centre aims to produce the evidence to build the theory needed to inform policy, politics and practice to move towards zero violence.